Become A Pick 3 Champion in 3 Steps

Become A Pick 3 Champion in 3 Steps

July 9, 2019 By Eduard Russell

Making big money is not always easy; in fact, you can probably bank on not becoming a millionaire without some serious work in a variety of fields. While this seems to be true in many ways, there are some that have found some shortcuts along the way to making millions. The way some people are seeing upwards of six figures annually will shock you, and no, it’s not with get rich quick schemes. Some people have not only thwarted the difficult path of moving towards big money, they have done it with what some people consider a waste of money, and that’s through the pick 3 lottery.

For those familiar with the lottery system you already know how the game works. For those that don’t know how it works, it can be reduced to the bare minimum elements of just having 3 digits pulled from a somewhat random computer system. All you need to do is pick 3 numbers, play your luck, and wait for the big money to come in. If you want to make strides forward with winning at lottery systems, you’ll need to take 3 steps forward.

The first step, aside from purchasing your ticket, is to play daily. Make sure that you’re getting into the action at least 5 days a week. Playing one set of numbers that are your “lucky” numbers is a great way to move forward, then play a second set of numbers that are completely at random, and you’ll be able to make adjust your strategy from the losing tickets.

The second step is to analyze the losing tickets that you’ll get from the lucky numbers that you’re playing at random. Remember, the experimental lucky numbers are not the “lucky” numbers, but rather a set of numbers that changes from time to time based on your hunches. If you are careful, you will be able to start to see patterns develop in the way numbers are repeated. Repetition is the number one thing you will want to focus on in this step.

The third and last step is to start to look for numbers that repeat in certain decimal places. For instance, many state run lotteries were found to have the number 9 located in the third digit column more often than many other numbers. This type of repetition is just one pattern to look for, which will help you get closer to getting all 3 numbers correct, garnering you big money.

Remember, do not get dismayed if you don’t win the big bucks on day one, take some time to pay attention, and get yourself into the bigger arena of winners by utilizing the steps above for some time.